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Chinye Onwamaka – Beauty Consultant
It took just 5 days to elevate my brand from ground zero to where I never imagined it to be. Working with the team has also increased my creativity and ideas to push my brand forward. If you want to build a brand that’ll stand the test of time, choose SureZOOM!


If yes, you’re in the right place. We are the design doctor for thought leaders like speakers, authors, consultants, and coaches. We help people like you cure your design headaches so that you can make more money. Meet the team

Favorite Works
It’s been an absolute pleasure working on this project – the seamless delivery, creativity, processes that make it seem so easy, have been amazing. I highly recommend surezoom.
Anurika Azubuike – Customer Attraction Academy
I want to say a big thank for the design and the extra surprised package you did for me. Thank you for all the advice and I will recommend surezoom to help thought leaders like me.
Bukola Susan Aiyedofe – Child Conditioning
Thanks to the doggedness, tireless efforts, creativity and compassion of our designer. Thank you surezoom for the work you put into the project. I will work with you again.
Gilbert Nnaji –
You have done design more than 2X for me and I keep loving it every time. Quality job at a competitive price is hard to find this days and their approach to design is epic.
Efoghor Joseph –
I was initially attracted to your tagline – branding for thought leaders and I must say that, I have been getting a lot of praise from my business cards. Thank you very much.
Howard Cho – ENDE Solutions
Thank you for helping me growing my audience. I always their fabulous work. Talk to surezoom they have the solution to your design headaches, just like they did for me.
Chidinma Okpara –
Whether it’s an online or an offline event, the flyer will be designed to attract your target audience.
First Order: N 5,000
Normal Price: N 10,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PDF – PSD – PNG – JPG
3D Cover Designs
We can turn your 2D designs into a 3D mockup. i.e book covers, ebooks, and even cars mockups
First Order: N 3,000
Normal Price: N 6,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PNG – JPG
10 Quotes Design
We can design quotes that will engage your loyal fans online. Discount for Bulk Purchase Available.
First Order: N 5,000
Normal Price: N 10,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PNG – JPG
Book Covers
Why design an unprofessional book cover for your masterpiece? We can help you create memorable designs.
First Order: N 5,000
Normal Price: N 10,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PDF – PSD – PNG – JPG
Social Media Banner
Four (4) banners will be made to fit your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus pages or profile.
First Order: N 5,000
Normal Price: N 10,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PNG – JPG
Lead Magnet Banners
Lead magnet banner determines how people will perceive your offer. Let’s help make more money.
First Order: N 7,500
Normal Price: N 15,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: (3 SET) PNG – JPG
Slide Design
Whether it’s a webinar, seminar or a simple sales presentation, we design to make your idea stick.
First Order: N 5,000
Normal Price: N 10,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PDF – PPT – PNG – JPG
Logo Design + Brand Guildlines
We will design a logo that stands out from the pack.
First Order: N 10,000
Normal Price: N 20,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PNG – JPG – PDF – PSD – AI
Business Card
Have did you feel when you received a homemade business card? Let’s help you perfect your first impression.
First Order: N 5,000
Normal Price: N 10,000
Duration: 3 Working Days
Delivery: PDF – PNG – JPG
Our Process
Discovery Stage
– Fill the Contact Form
– Setup a strategy Meeting
– Submit Content to Kick Off Project
Design Stage
– Send 60% Deposit
– Begin Design
– Client Approves Design
Delivery Stage
– Send Remaining 40% Payment
– Client Receives all Files
– We will send you a special gift.
Questions Our Clients Asks

Do I need to send a deposit for the work?

Yes. The project starts with a 60% deposit and a 40% balance before delivering the designs. Get in touch with us.

After payment, do I own the rights to the brand identity?

Yes. Once full payment has been received (you) the client owns the brand identity — we created it for you and it has no value to anyone else other than you. Get in touch with us.

How soon can you start my project?

As soon as we process your order, receive your questionnaire and payment. We will start working on your project during normal business hours. Get in touch with us.

How many design options will you provide?

Let’s get this one straight. We will pitch you a custom-design based on your needs. For most clients, we will only pitch one very well-thought-out custom concept.

If we have a few ideas, we will show multiple options, but usually, we have an idea of what will represent your brand well, and we can capture it in just one shot.

That said, if you need something else, we will throw it out the window and start from scratch to make you happy, that’s why the strategy meeting is extremely important. Get in touch with us.

What is my involvement in the design process?

We thoroughly discuss the project at hand with you from the beginning. We encourage you to bring in any samples, color combinations/swatches, and ideas they may have.

During the design process, you’ll be asked to approve certain milestones before work continues. Get in touch with us.

How will I receive my design once the project is finished?

We will supply the electronic files to you through online storage like Dropbox or Google Drive or through your E-mail.

We also keep a copy of your project on file for later updates or should you lose your copy. Get in touch with us.

What do you offer that others don’t?

Ears that actually listen to your goals, eyes that see your business as the successful, distinctive creation it is, and hands that craft and manage your brand to take your authority and influence to the next level.

We see the bigger picture of your brand, and we help you get where you want to go with a comprehensive branding plan to enables your customers to trust you.  Get in touch with us.

I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

Get in touch with us. We’ll listen to your needs and tell you what your options are. A job may seems overwhelming until you have the right experts helping you out.

Can you produce brand guidelines for other designers to follow?

Yes, if we are creating a logo and visual identity for you, we recommend producing a brand guidelines document.

This illustrates to other designers and graphic professionals the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image for your business through careful use of the logo, typefaces, colours and placement of elements on a page. Get in touch with us.

How do I communicate with my designer?

Once we start the design process you can communicate with us in a variety of ways:
– By Email (Most Conveniently)
– By Instant Messenger (Facebook)
– By Phone (If Neccessary)

Get in touch with us.

I can't find the answer I'm looking for what should I do?

We are here to help. Send us a message now. Get in touch with us.

What software do you use for graphic design?

Our Design Rockstars primarily use Adobe Softwares including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop. Get in touch with us.

Can I pay you without going to the bank?

Yes. You can pay us without going to the bank. A simple mobile transfer from your bank website, mobile application or even from the nearby ATM machine will make it possible. Get in touch with us.

Are there any separate, extra, or hidden charges?

No. We do not believe in disappointing anybody with any form of hidden cost. You’ll be notified of any changes and work can only progress once you have agreed to the changes. Get in touch with us.

Can I send you my graphic sketch or mockup?

Yes. We encourage rough sketches and digital mockups. It makes the design process faster and also increases your creativity. Get in touch with us.

What file format will you supply the final design in?

Once you have approved the final design, it will be prepared in a range of electronic file formats and sent to you via email or online storage for immediate use.

Files could be recieved in the following formats:

Upon request we can send you the following files:
• AI – Adobe Illustrator
• PSD – Photoshop File

Get in touch with us.

Do you handle printing?

No. However, we will be happy to connect you to an affordable printing press around your area.

Because our clients are located in different areas, it is more cost-effective if you deal with a local printer.

We can act as an intermediary with your printer, or simply provide you with the final files to take to your printer. Get in touch with us.

I need something designed yesterday. Can you help me?

We can usually accommodate emergency project depending on how full our production schedule is. Get in touch with us.

What if I don’t know what kind of design I want?

If you are finding it difficult to know what type of design best suits your business then let us help.

We are experienced at doing the right research. Get in touch with us.

Who do you work with?

We work primarily with thought leaders like authors, speakers, consultants and coaches. Get in touch with us.

What happens if I don't like what you did?

Too bad. Just kidding :-). We throw it out the window and start over.

We’re fortunate enough to rarely have to deal with this situation but if it comes up. We’ll work on it until you love it… Period. Get in touch with us.

Can I send you a REFERRAL?

Yes you can. We love referrals, as a matter of fact we get most of our clients through referral. Please, ask the client to mention your name so that we know who to thank. Get in touch with us.

Meet The Team
Moses Uche - Branding Strategist
Moses Uche
Consultant – Creative Director
He is an international certified branding strategist, digital marketing expert and a web developer. He enjoys helping businesses get more customers online without breaking the bank.
Branding Strategist
He is an experienced graphic and website designer who have been working with an international audience for the past 4 years. He enjoys researching about how businesses are make more money online.

Why We Started SUREZOOM

We do branding for thought leaders, the main goal is to help struggling thoughts leaders with their design projects so that they can save more time and make more money doing what you truly love. Our target audiences are Authors, Speakers, Consultants and Coaches. We have the drug for your design headaches. Will you like us to help you? 🙂

Contact Us
We are here to help – talk to us.
Address: 5 Tijani Iyaniwura Street, Ikotun, Lagos. Nigeria.
These guys are machines. I got my design fast and with an extra gift. No more AWOL designers. I will recommend and use surezoom again.
Afolabi Ajayi – Speaker
 Thank you for helping me with my emergency design and God bless you for the gift.
Andrew Obi – Life Coach
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